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Newcomers to Japanese cuisine as well as those with sophisticated tastes choose Sushi on Shea for a memorable dining experience.

“Lunch, cocktail hour or dinner, there is literally something for everyone!,” points out Sadako.

The wide-ranging menu encompasses appetizers, salads, noodle dishes and soups, tempura and teriyaki. Features the tempting sushi/shashimi selections and specialties that make authentic Japanese cuisine so irresistible.

The novice might choose a sushi sampler consisting of tuna, yellowtail, salmon and California roll.

Gourmet guests are delighted by the special seasonal fish dishes -- such as shima-aji, blue fin tuna, Japanese snapper -- that have contributed to our fame as an authentic dining destination.

Recipient of many awards and innumerable laudatory reviews, Sushi On Shea is largely responsible for bringing authentic Japanese cuisine to the Valley.

Famed for the sauces, the culinary specialties created by Sushi On Shea have earned the admiration of local culinary icons such as Robert McGrath and Mark Tarbell.

While the authentic culinary delights at Sushi on Shea are marvelous, the cuisine is just one of the attractions. The impeccable service is also outstanding. “

Our staff is trained according to exacting standards,” says Sadako. “We do our best to recreate the same kind of dining experience you would enjoy in Japan,” adds Chef Yamada.

Sushi on Shea also stresses personalized attention. Sadako, the Executive Chef and their corps of knowledgeable assistants are more than happy to suggest menu items tailored to individual tastes.

“So many guests return because we make them feel at home,” sums up Sadako.

  Sushi on Shea…often imitated, rarely equaled.

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