Sushi On Shea
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An inviting ambiance welcomes you,
our honored guest, to Sushi on Shea.
  Greeted by Sadako, you’re shown to a tastefully-appointed table in intimate surroundings. While contemplating the menu, enjoy visual highlights such as colorful, exotic fish cavorting their spacious, seawater aquariums.

Be it lunch or dinner, plan to experience this delicious interlude in a leisurely fashion. Devote at least an hour for lunch, perhaps two hours for dinner. Authentic Japanese cuisine -- the specialty of Sushi on Shea -- is meant to be savored.

Take this opportunity to enjoy some fragrant sake, the delightful wine formerly reserved for Japan’s nobles. (Thanks to Sadako’s expertise, Sushi on Shea offers the best sake “cellar” in the Valley.)

With the help of the sushi chef, order from the inviting array on display. Unable to make up your mind? Either the assorted sushi or sashimi platter delivers a kaleidoscope of culinary delights!

The multi-course section of the menu is extensive as well as tempting. To begin lunch or dinner, choose from numerous appetizers, salads, and side dishes. For the entrée, you might consider a house specialty or a dish prepared table-side. (Neither grilled nor prepared with oil!) Novices may favor the menu’s tempura and teriyaki sections. Connoisseurs will want to inquire about specialties not listed on the menu.

Well-known for its hospitality as well as its authentic cuisine, this restaurant enjoys an ever-growing list of guests who return again and again. “Sushi on Shea is so very much more to us than a place to eat absolutely perfect Japanese food,” says the Brinkmeyer family of Tulsa, Oklahoma. “You are very much a family to us.”

  Sushi on Shea…often imitated, rarely equaled.  

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